Brief description of activities

Producer of industrial resins such as: foundry resins and their hardeners, phenolic resins, ( Resol & Novalic), phenolic molding, alkyd and modified alkyd resins ( long, medium & short oil) unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester

Name of manager: M. Haji Baba

Head Office Tel:(+98 21)71138000

Head Office Fax:(+98 21)40229942

Factory Tel:(+98 28)35225401-5

Factory Fax:(+98 28)35229999

زمینه فعالیت

  • انجمن ها و تشکل ها
  • رنگ، رزین و پوششهای صنعتی
  • صنایع کامپوزیت


Unit 2, 15th Floor, NO 23, 8th Narenjestan St., Pasdaran St., Tehran, IRAN