Kimia PetroGas Elia

Brief description of activities

Kimia Petro Gas Elia(KPE) Company, area Company active oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry in Iran for more than 10 years, Our Company in design, procurement, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissoning of the oil Petrochemical plant. Also we are able to perform special process units as skid-mounted packages

Name of manager: Kourosh Jonoubi

Head Office Tel: (+98 21)88664470

Head Office Fax: (+98 21)88664472

Factory Tel: (+98 61)53583682

Factory Fax: (+98 61)53583686


زمینه فعالیت

  • پیمانکاران مهندسی، تدارکات، ساختمان و نصب


No.6, Dead End, Mollasadra st, Tehran,Iran